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Base AMA at Satoshi Club (500k users)

Base Ask Me Anything (AMA)
In the biggest and high quality community at Satoshi Club for 500k users

- Telegram
- Twitter
- Discord
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Website
- TikTok

Total: $ 4 400 $ 13 900
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Ways of payment

* When paying for any ZLW service with tokens, a 10% discount is provided.

Detailed information

Ask Me Anything (AMA) one of the best form to attract to the project a new users, holders and followers.
Is a question and answer format that is used by many famous personalities / projects.
Our partner Satoshi Club is the biggest and high qulity community in crypto industry for AMA series.

Service include:

– English AMA: Text or Voice
– 1 Local AMA (Spanish, Indonesian, Russian)
– Announcement in Events Group 35K Subs: 2 posts
– Infographic in Events Group 35K Subs: 1 Infographics

– English AMA

– AMA Announcement
– Infographic Tweet: 1 Infographics

Instagram & Facebook:
– Facebook Image
– Facebook Text Post

Website Satoshi:
– Announcements 300k monthly visits: 2 announcements
– AMA recap with SEO URL: 2 recaps
– Deep Dive Blog Post + Medium Article
– Quiz

– Quick Take TikTok Video

Other Platforms:
– News translated in Spanish, Russian and Indonesian – 1 News

Not included:
– Community Rewards.
The project pays for the remuneration of participants and prizes separately

Total: $ 4 400 $ 13 900
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