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SMM – Community Managment

SMM - Community Managment in different social media and messengers.

- Telegram
- Twitter
- Discord
- Instagram

Total: $ 1 500 $ 2 500
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Ways of payment

* When paying for any ZLW service with tokens, a 10% discount is provided.

Service include

Community Managment
Creation texts
Creation photos
Design for posts
Crypto experience

Detailed information

Our specialists lead the community in dozens of projects, in various social networks.

This allows you to significantly save your time, because. our team independently makes all the pictures and texts, or according to your technical specifications.

This is a necessary tool if you are going to increase the number of your users and retain them in the future.

The great advantage of our team is that we have helped in this more than 100 projects and have a complete understanding of the crypto industry, their needs and demand.

Total: $ 1 500 $ 2 500
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