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Crypto Marketing Agency No.1
The one-stop solution for startups

As leading crypto marketing agency we:
- Do not hide our prices
- Offer hundreds of services
- One click shopping

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$26 M


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Best Offers

LinkedIn Advertising & Promotion


Post your creatives (posts) in LinkedIn for promotion with link for your website and with call of action Ability to create multiple posts Ability to use different pictures and videos Ability to use UTM metrics to compare statistics

+ 3

From $ 500

Boost Your App to the TOP


Secure & consistent app promotion Boost to the Top in any country Fare promotion rates The possibility of investing in your App

+ 7

From $ 6 000

IDO + Marketing (Package)


Listing and conducting IDO on the Zelwin.Finance website Announcements about the planned IDO in Telegram and Twitter Zelwin Creation of smart contracts with freezing and vesting (if necessary) for IDO participants Free listing at Zelwin’s fiat/crypto exchange for your tokens (200k+ users, you can receive payments via Visa/MasterCard/Crypto)

+ 7

$ 5 000 $ 8 000

Marketing Boost


Fast attracting 20,000 - 50,000 subscribers with activities to the project in Twitter, Telegram, Discord in a very short time.

$ 6 000 $ 10 000

Twitter KOLs (20m+ followers)


20 pinned posts from 20 Twitter KOLs With your texts, video or picture 24 hours pinned messages Free listing at Zelwin’s fiat/crypto exchange for your tokens (200k+ users, you can receive payments via Visa/MasterCard/Crypto)

$ 8 000 $ 15 000

For Serious Projects (Big Package)


Global Media Coverage Forbes, Entrepreneur, Investing 100+ Press-Releases Yahoo Finance, Business insider, Marketwatch etc. Crypto Media NewsBTC.com, CoinMarketCap.com etc. Big Crypto Influencers 20 million+ followers

+ 10

$ 50 000 $ 75 000



Testing your ideas and hypnotizes in different regions and countries Bring your ideas to market Full analysis Creation website

+ 6

$ 18 000 $ 35 000

HQ Advisory Services


Marketing strategy Fundraising strategy Help with tokenomics Partnerships and connections

+ 5

$ 8 000 $ 20 000


Media & News

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FREE VISA/MASTERCARD integration For Your Tokens

If you want additional sales channel for 200k+ users for your token, fundraising and sales via Visa / MasterCard / Crypto, please submit relevant token information.

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  • INTEGRATION (Listing fees) $0 Free of Charge
  • Twitter Promotion (pin for 24 hours) $100
  • AMA (Telegram) $100
  • Twitter Lucky Draw $300 for rewards
  • Giveaway (bringing users to your community) $150 for rewards
  • Commission (from real sales) $500 for rewards

Why people choose us

You no longer need to throw away your time and money into a black hole and look for hundreds of providers

We’re experts in all things marketing. Business-to-customers, business-to-business, cryptocurrency, NFT, and high-growth startup brands are our sweet spot. Discover how we can scale your business to new heights through our strategic services below:

Proven results from promoting NFTS, tokens and Crypto exchanges. Without hidden conditions and hidden prices

Highly reputable team with years of crypto marketing experience, based in the EU, USA, CIS, UAE, Africa and Asia

Quick and easy to get started with our team. You can choose dozens of services in a couple of clicks

Ambassador Program

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Meet the Our Team

Team member image

Nikolay Shkilev, PhD


Team member image



Team member image


CMO & Project Support

Team member image


Marketing strategy & OTC deals

Team member image


OTC and Payments department

Team member image


CPO and VCs relations

Team member image


Head of BD

Team member image


Marketing department

Team member image


Content Manager

Team member image


Launchpads/Exchanges Department

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Marketing Department

What people are saying

Thank you for your help with advisory services, preparation, marketing boost and fast track listing on Gate.io and KuCoin



Co-Founder CEO of VAIOT

Thanks for your bespoke services from A to Z to our projects and clients


Jason Luo

CEO and Co-founder of BitForex

You are legends! Thank you so much for the connections and help with marketing. We know that you work as hard as the day is long to make each one feel appreciated and handle the partnerships in a highly professional manner.


Cobra Kai

Floki Inu

Zelwin has huge connections in the crypto industry, and Nikolay (CEO) one of the best advisors in the world. We worked together on one project in Shanghai and Zelwin showed itself at a very high level, and the speed of responses, the level of knowledge and connections amazes me to this day.


Eric Lee

Co-Founder BTS Labs

Nikolay and his Zelwin Team are exceptional professionals. They helped us a lot in marketing, advisory, strategy and also a very well known and respected name in the Business world, and there is a good reason for that. I highly recommend Zelwin help to any project


Konstantin Dimitrov


Zelwin works as our Marketing Agency and Nikolay also helped as advisor in our project and I can assure that Zelwin team is a true professionals who constantly helps us with marketing, strategy, advisory in the Blockchain industry, using their experience and connections. Many agencies work only to hide costs, do nothing, or offer poor services without ROI, but Zelwin is not like that. They are always in touch with everyone and offer hundreds of really amazing services. I am glad that we work together as they helped our project to become a success!


Miran Pavlič

Head Of Operations at APOD Technologies

The knowledge, quality, and number of services that Zelwin has brought to the Lunch Money project has shown me what a real Marketing Agency does. They are active and go beyond the normal scope of work to ensure that our project stays on track. Being new to the blockchain space, at times has shown to be aggressive and unforgiving, but Zelwin’s advice, services and actions has kept us on track and our hard work is bearing fruit. Thank you Zelwin and Nikolay personally! We are happy to have you as our Marketing Agency!


Jeffery Varnado

Chief Executive Officer / CO-Founder Lunch Money Project

I am extremely glad that I got to know the Nikolay and Zelvin team many years ago. Over the years, we have made a huge number of transactions, helped dozens of projects from marketing services, to advisory, fundraising and large OTC transactions in 65+ countries. Now we have not only become partners, but also true friends.


Amit Singh

Founder Fynzon.com


What are your advantages over other Marketing Agencies?

– We do not hide our prices
– We are offering hundreds of services, more than any agency in the world
– One click shopping
– More than 7 years of experience in the market and hundreds of cases
– 100% refund if we did not provide a service

You no longer need to throw away your time and money into a black hole and look for hundreds of providers.

Why should I choose you over In-House marketing?

Because 47 000+ Startups creations every year but 97% die before listing or after 1 year.
It happens because most of them have only in-house marketing or turn to dozens of unverified providers, do not have enough experience, connections and competent marketing.

Zelwin is working as the one-stop solution for startups from A to Z (from idea to creation MVP, marketing boost, strategy, fundraising, advisory services, payment solutions, crowdfunding, media, KOLs, listing on exchanges, liquidity providers etc.) but this does not prevent you from having your own in-house team and pay them a salary.

Is it possible to develop an individual Marketing strategy with you?

Of course, for this we need to understand your budget, your goals, and then our experts will be able to create an individual marketing and not only strategy for you.

To do this, write to any of our employees in Telegram:
@zhukov4 – Alex @VictorZelwin – Victor @nikizelwin – Nik @AlexZelwin – Alex

If I bring a Client, can I get my commission for this?

Yes, for this we have a special Ambassador program, where you will receive a good reward from each Client and from each transaction.

Moreover, your Client, if he uses your promo code, will receive an additional discount from us too.

I have services that I can offer you, where to write?

We are constantly increasing the number of services provided and will be glad to see your services too.
But for this, you must pass a preliminary check, Due Diligence and the quality of the service provided through the post-payment method. Only after this we make sure that your services correspond to the declared quality, are performed on time, and only then we will be able to sign partnership agreements with you and put your services on our portal.

For the initial provision of your services, please write to Telegram, indicating all the details, links and proofs to:

@JuanDefi Juan


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