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LinkedIn Advertising & Promotion

LinkedIn Advertising & Promotion.

- 1.1 Billion of users
- 200 Countries
- From $0.05 per click
- Millions impressions
- Real users
- Social network for business
- The smallest number of bots among all social networks
- For any business
- Best Price

From $ 500*
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Ways of payment

* When paying for any ZLW service with tokens, a 10% discount is provided.

Service include

Post your creatives (posts) in LinkedIn for promotion with link for your website and with call of action
Ability to create multiple posts
Ability to use different pictures and videos
Ability to use UTM metrics to compare statistics
Checking and moderating posts before the start of the PR campaign
Possibility of placing ads for tens and hundreds of millions of users
The possibility of investing in your project (if transparent referral model)

Detailed information

We are offering the best prices by CPC and CPA on the market for any type of business.

Benefits to use LinkedIn:

– Real users, no bots
– Cost per click from $0.005 (when in any other sources it will cost you at least $8-$11 per click and $33.80 per 1000 impressions, you can check it in Google)
– Suitable for any type of business and for any type of profile
– Transparent statistics
– Ability to put unique UTM tags
– 1 week Trial available
– Lots of packages to suit every budget
– No restrictions
– You only need to create creatives, texts and pictures (you can use several)

Why do projects choose Zelwin Agency?

– Best promotion rates
– Ten times cheaper than competitors
– Safe and organic user traffic
– Best CPC, CPA, CPI prices on the market
– We invest ourselves in different projects and their traffic

Looking for investments?

We offer a partnership in which we invest in promoting your project, helping you attract high-quality traffic
and generate sales for a percentage of the revenue, because we believe in the power of our traffic and services.
IMPORTANT! We only consider applications with monetization for investment and transparent referral program.

* CPC – Cost Per Click
** CPA – Cost Per Action
*** CPI – Cost Per Impression

From $ 500*
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