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Cross-chain bridge

Cross-chain bridge 

- ERC20
- BEP20

From $8000

Price by request
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Ways of payment

* When paying for any ZLW service with tokens, a 10% discount is provided.

Service include

Building a blockchain bridge for your token

Detailed information

Creating a bridge between blockchains for your token, which allows your token to be more flexible, use more utility functions for your token and project.

Reduces user costs for transactions with your tokens, which increases not only the number of users and project holders, but also allows the project to increase the speed for internal transactions, a necessary element for scaling to cover as many DEX exchanges and various ecosystems as possible, leads to the popularity of your token .

Integration usually takes place within 5-15 days, depending on the complexity of the task, the level of your smart contracts and their complexity, as well as the number of selected blockchains.

Price by request
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