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IDO + Marketing (Package)

IDO (Initital Dex Offering) + Marketing

  • 200k users
  • Twitter PR
  • Telegram PR
  • Fast Track
Total: $ 5 000 $ 8 000
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Ways of payment

* When paying for any ZLW service with tokens, a 10% discount is provided.

Service include

Listing and conducting IDO on the Zelwin.Finance website
Announcements about the planned IDO in Telegram and Twitter Zelwin
Creation of smart contracts with freezing and vesting (if necessary) for IDO participants
Free listing at Zelwin’s fiat/crypto exchange for your tokens (200k+ users, you can receive payments via Visa/MasterCard/Crypto)
AMA with Zelwin’s community (we recommend making a reward from you of at least $300 in stablecoins or in your tokens)
Email newsletter about the upcoming IDO based on the database of 50,000+ users
Connection with BitForex, LBank, BitMart, Coinstore exchanges for a Fast Track listing
3 post PR from Twitter’s crypto influencers
Binance Live AMA
10% raising fees
Connection with ApeSwap DEX for an exclusive terms

Detailed information

Initial DEX offering (IDO) is one of the many creative fundraising methods in the crypto industry.
By using a Zelwin Launchpad, projects can offer their newly created crypto tokens to the public via an IDO. A typical IDO allows investors to lock funds into a smart contract immediately before a project launches its native token. Investors receive the new tokens in Zelwin launchpad via your vesting rules and your project received funds after token generation (TGE) at exchanges, when a project listing its token on DEX/CEX exchanges.

Unlike ICOs, IDOs offer projects a quick and affordable way to distribute tokens and raise funds while providing investors with a higher level of security. IDO not only help raising funds for businesses, but also helps the investors of get rid of teh risks of losing money.

Many projects have had huge success with this model. For example, Battle Infinity saw a 700% gain from presale price with its IDO, Vodka Token 3000%, AMC 1100% etc.

Total: $ 5 000 $ 8 000
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