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Welcome to our Ambassador Program Page!

You will receive for EACH DEAL: UP TO 15% REWARDS

of all services purchased by the Client


The first thing we want to say right away is the benefits for you personally, which you will receive immediately when you join the Zelwin team. Our team has been working on the crypto market since 2017, during which time we have acquired a huge number of useful contacts, connections and partnerships. By and large, you get access to services of the highest class. We can provide collaboration with hundreds of the largest projects on the market, provide acquaintance with key investors investing in the market. You will be trained and accompanied in the future by the leaders of the company, who have vast experience. This will allow you to quickly increase your expertise in the industry. Success in crypto is very much determined by the community you can count on. And most importantly, you will not need to impose anything on anyone. We offer one of the world's best levels of service and development. You need to know the company's services well and declare them, customers will come by themselves. And remain grateful. Your financial result will depend entirely on you and will not be limited by anything. We have all the possibilities for this.


In order to successfully negotiate and sell confidently, you need to be confident in the services and products that the company has. You also need to have information about successfully implemented Zelwin cases. Among the clients and partners of the company are such projects as:

  • Huobi
  • Legion Network
  • MetaShooter
  • Floki Inu
  • ApeSwap DEX
  • CoinMarketCap
  • CoinGecko
  • BitForex
  • BitMart
  • HotbitShumi
  • Vodka Token
  • Shark Race
  • AMC Fight Nights
  • Aquarius
  • Acquire.fi
  • Fragmint
  • Probit
  • Chain of Legends
  • Hunter Token
  • FiPi
  • Chirpley
  • Gate.io
  • Certik
  • Red Swiss Capital
  • BTS Labs
  • 499+ Block
  • MIB Investments
  • CoinTelegraph
  • Gain Ventures
  • GotBit
  • MG Capital
  • Kommunitas
  • SafeLaunch
  • BSClaunch
  • Kenzo Ventures
  • Fynzon
  • FxRumble
  • Plena Finance
  • Dino Wars
  • GDA Capital
  • Private Business Club
  • Polygon
  • MMpro Chiron Group
  • Rookas Capital
  • MG Ventures CryptoFamily
  • SafeLaunch
  • and many others
    100+ clients


To get started with Zelwin, the first step is to prepare your social media accounts to get started. Our coordination will be carried out via Telegram. To do this, you need to correctly prepare an account our create a new one. How to prepare your Telegram account to work with Zelwin. General recommendations for work.

The main rule for all our Zelwin Team Members: Is to create main or separate Telegram account in such standard
  • Your Avatar (as you wish)
  • Name must be: Your first name | Zelwin | Marketing
  • In Description Marketing Department at Zelwin @ZELWINchat
  • Your ID must be @YourNameZelwin
Your account is ready? Write from it to any Team Lead and you will be added to the working chat:
See at picture for example:


You will receive for EACH DEAL: UP TO 15% REWARDS

of all services purchased by the Client. Our task and your curator to sell as many services as possible, based on our experience.

Additional Motivation:

In order to get the status of a team leader, you need to show your personal sales turnover of $ 50,000, as well as train three team ambassadors. Each of them must make a turnover of $20,000. At the moment of obtaining the status of Team Leader, your direct sales begin to bring you not 15%, but 20%, and the sales of your front-line team members are no longer 6%, but 8%. And also, you start to receive a commission on sales of your team members from the second line in the amount of 3%. No remuneration is paid from partners below the second line.

Marketing system:
UP TO 15% Ambassador with front sell

1 line sell - 6%

UP TO 20% Team Lead with front sell

1 line sell - 8%

2 line sell - 3%